Jacksonovo tijelo stiglo u Arenu

Policija je zatvorila kilometre i kilometre autoputa kako bi Jacksonovo tijelo neometano stiglo u Staples arenu.

Hours before tens of thousands of Michael Jackson fans crowded into the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a star-studded ceremony memorializing the pop star, Jackson's family left the family home in Encino for a private funeral service.

The service at Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills, which was attended only by close family and friends, took place hours before the public memorial which promises to be one of the biggest show business spectacles ever witnessed...broadcast live in America on every major television network and streamed on the Internet.

Police closed miles of highway as a 30-car motorcade -- led by a hearse carrying Michael Jackson's body -- made the half-hour trip to the Staples center.

Police estimate more than a quarter of a million people will cram onto the sidewalks outside the Staples Center -- while 18,000 fans and friends will crowd into the arena and a nearby, overflow theater for the two-hour ceremony...which will --in essence be -- Michael Jackson's last show.

Jon Decker, Reuters.