FEBRUARY 29 2012 13:09h

Watercooler Stories


Apartment complex testing DNA of dog poo

WEST CHESTER, Ohio, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- The owners of an Ohio apartment complex said they are using DNA testing to determine the identities of residents who fail to clean up after their dogs.

Summit Management Services, which owns The Lakes of West Chester Village, said the "Poo Prints" DNA program will match dog droppings left on the property with DNA samples taken from residents' canines, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Tuesday.

"With pet ownership comes responsibility, particularly in a community comprised of renters," property manager Jill Moorman wrote in a letter to residents. "Aside from garden variety noise complaints … another antagonizing issue has become a major factor for pet owners and non-pet owners alike -- dog waste."

Moorman said the dog poo will be sent to the BioPet Vet Lab in Knoxville, Tenn., for identification and the owners will then be fined $200 per violation.

"The 'Poo Prints' DNA program was of great interest because it scientifically identifies the responsible resident, with no guesswork," said Rick Nixon, vice president of Summit Management Services. "Clearly, we do not view dogs as culprits in the utilization of this program; rather, owners will be held accountable for their failure to comply."


Parolee seen shooting gun on Facebook

CALEDONIA, N.Y., Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Police in New York state said a man on parole was arrested after a Facebook posting depicted him illegally shooting a gun.

Livingston County sheriff's deputies said they received a tip from someone who saw the Facebook video of Kevin Mosher, 26, shooting the gun despite the conditions of his parole from two felony convictions forbidding him from possessing any firearms, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported Tuesday.

Mosher was charged with misdemeanor fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He will appear in Caledonia Town Court at a later date, investigators said.


Officer rescues rooster from train tracks

CHICAGO, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- A Chicago police officer said his love of livestock caused him to spring into action when he heard a rooster was trapped on the tracks at a subway station.

Shakespeare District patrol officer Enrique Molas said he immediately thought of his childhood when he heard about the rooster on the Blue Line tracks at the Logan Square station, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday.

"I pretty much knew what to do," Molas said. "I grew up in the Philippines; we have a lot of livestock."

Molas said he rushed to the station, donned a pair of protective gloves and walked out onto the tracks.

"I saw the bird still alive -- and tired," he said. "When I came down I didn't want to startle it, I just wanted to approach it really carefully."

Molas said the bird was cooperative and didn't try to resist him when he picked it up and carried it to safety.

However, animal control officials said the rooster's story came to a tragic end.

"Unfortunately, the vet examined the rooster and determined that he has a broke wing and will be euthanized,'' animal control executive director Cherie Travis said.


Bald eagles land on N.H. road

BEDFORD, N.H., Feb. 28 (UPI) -- New Hampshire State Police said a lane of traffic on 101 in Bedford was closed when a pair of bald eagles landed on the road.

Police said a trooper noticed the eagles in an eastbound lane of the road around 6:45 a.m. Sunday and traffic was diverted away from the birds, WMUR-TV, Manchester, reported Tuesday.

The eagles flew off after about an hour on the road and did not appear to be injured, state police said.


Wolf sighted near Mont. middle school

KALISPELL, Mont., Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Authorities in Montana said they were unable to find a wolf seen wandering near a middle school and videotaped by a witness with a camera phone.

Flathead County sheriff's deputies, Kalispell Police and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officers said they searched the area around Kalispell Middle School Saturday after several people reported spotting the wild animal and experts used the video footage to confirm it was a wolf, KECI-TV, Missoula, Mont., reported Tuesday.

FWP biologist Erik Wenum said the wolf appeared to be wearing a radio tracking collar, but it may not be functioning. He said the wolf may have traveled from as far away as Canada.

Authorities said they were unable to locate the wolf, which was last seen heading west Saturday near the Farm to Market and Pine Road intersection.