AUGUST 25 2015 09:47h

Vojvodina braced for biggest wave of migrants




The north of Vojvodina is preparing for what is considered to be so far the biggest infux of migrants from the Middle East after in the last 24 hours more than 8,000 people, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, entered Serbia from Macedonia, the Vojvodina media reported on Monday.

Groups of people, carrying small travel bags and ever more frequently small children, walking in columns or resting in parks, are a constant scene in Subotica, Kanjiza, Backi Vinogradi and Horgos, border towns in the north of Vojvodina.

Those towns are their last stop before they illegally enter Hungary, which, however, is becoming increasingly difficult due to a wire fence the Hungarian army has been putting along the Hungarian-Serbian border to deter illegal migrants.
Refugees are arriving in Subotica in special buses and trains. Once a day, around noon, a train arrives from Belgrade carrying at least 200 migrants fleeing war and poverty.
A public bus and taxis wait for them at a train station on the outskirts of Subotica, from where they are taken to their desired destination, close to the border with Hungary.
multifold increase in the number of refugees is expected on Tuesday, after the Macedonian police and army decided to allow their passage this past weekend.
The Macedonian authorities had attempted to stop the arrival of migrants from Greece but gave up the plan after a series of clashes with the migrants and pressure from the international community.  
Meanwhile, the number of drives aimed at collecting aid for the migrants has been growing in Vojvodina.  
The Centre for the Protection of and Assistance to Asylum Seekers has called on citizens to volunteer in the collection and distribution of aid and to help create an atmosphere of tolerance in society.
It is estimated that around 90,000 refugees from the Middle East and northern Africa have passed through Serbia, including Vojvodina, this year.



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