JANUARY 15 2009 13:13h

VIDEO: Prince Harry Kissed, Licked Fellow Soldier

Prince Harry in the army




Prince Harry told a soldier he loved him and then kissed him. Gay rights activists have commended his conduct.

Several days ago British media published a video in which Prince Harry is heard insulting a cadet with racist remarks. 

He called a Pakistani man “Paki”, which is a derogatory term. In the latest video that has been released, the young prince is kissing and licking one of the soldiers, the News of the World reported. Harry whispered to the soldier that he loved him and then he kissed him.

An Australian human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, immediately connected Harry’s name with the rights of homosexuals.

Kissing a fellow soldier in public is a very liberal and clear gesture for somebody who is heterosexual, said the activist and added that the world would be a much nicer place if all heterosexuals were like that.

See the video: Prince Harry Kissed, Licked Fellow Soldier