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APRIL 4 2008 11:37h

VIDEO: Mind Control Makes A Perfect Soldier




NATO members have been applying mind control methods since the 1980s.

The human mind has always been an object of study, and seeing how the average person uses only 10 percent of their brain, we cannot control our own consciousness. But, what if there are those who can control all the minds in the world and manipulate every individual? If this sounds like an excerpt from a sci-fi film, there are records of researches and experiments with the human mind. There are more and more mind control methods today and they are mostly used fro military purposes.

Allegedly, various mind control methods have been applied in military circles for years and the Pentagon has announced last year it will install microchips in soldier`s brains, the size or rice grains, in order to track their medical condition. Soldiers fear that these chips, which would supervise their vital signs 24 hours a day, might violate their privacy and place them under surveillance even when they are off duty.

The perfect soldier would not be aware of his actions

Reuters-.--.-Person with an installed chip would be manipulated in several ways, their behaviour can be altered in its entirety, therefore the controlled object can turn from completely calm to aggressive, their minds can be read, their dreams affected. This opens the door for new possibilities in armed conflicts, hostage and terrorist situations and new weapons can be developed which can be used to control the opponent.

What is frightening is that all of these processes are performed without the person knowing about it. Thus, a perfect cyber-soldier can be created and this type of secret technology was used, according to American non-governmental associations and testimonies of psychiatrists, in military circles of NATO membering countries since the 1980s without the public knowing about it and the available information is not abundant today either.

CIA destroyed evidence of experiments-.--.-

Dr. Gottlieb was CIA`s biochemist who headed the MK-ULTRA project, a mind control programme at the pinnacle of the Cold War. The programme ended in 1964, but was extended to another project called MK-SEARCH, a perfected version of the initial programme. Report on MK-ULTRA was made in 1994 and it contained information on experiments with the application of drugs, medicine and microwaves, but the CIA has destroyed most of the files unfortunately. Experiments were conducted without the objects` knowledge.

In 1948 Norbert Weiner published a book called “Cybernetics”, elaborating the human mind control theory which was not that developed at the time. Questions of people`s freedom and protection of privacy were raised and research was wrapped in a veil of secrecy. What little information had leaked in the media caused fear and disbelief.

Electrodes planted into babies` brains

-.--.-Such methods were allegedly used to improve human behaviour, thus in 1946 electrodes were planted into babies` brains without their parents` knowledge. Human beings who had a microchip installed in their brain at birth could be controlled until the rest of their lives. Experiments were conducted on soldiers, mental patients, prisoners and handicapped children.

Discussions on mass control plans began in secrecy several decades ago in the USA. In 1973 Swedish Minister Olaf Palome gave the first official permit to install implants to prisoners. Theoretically, when a 5 mm microchip in installed to the eye`s nerve, a detailed list of the most intimate feelings and physical senses can be made of that person and these impulses can return to the nervous system.

The person in unaware of suggestions and psychological reactionsReuters-.--.-

A healthy individual can thus receive information that causes hallucinations, night mares and various voices can be produced, suggesting actions and psychological direction. Information which the body receives from outer sources, like electromagnetic or energy waves, or which it creates through its own electric or chemical stimulatives, can be manipulated or altered, just like any information in any hardware system.

Fear of a new world order

Fear of being manipulated is spreading more and more because according to the latest predictions, a microchip can be installed to any newborn baby. This would create a new world order where human personality would absolutely become lost and we would all become children of the matrix, living in a would of illusion, without being aware of it.