FEBRUARY 17 2009 07:41h

VIDEO: Hungry Monkeys Kill People in India

Rhesus monkeys




Monkeys are respected in India as reincarnations of gods, but due to deforestation they move to the cities and attacks people for food.

Food is running out in the forests, and the monkeys walk, run and climb the streets like domestic animals, and have started to search for food in people’s houses. However, the citizens do not give them food often, so the monkeys have started using force, write the media.

Three people have died in India as a consequence of monkey attacks, and there are a great number of people who have been bitten by monkeys.

The citizens of Agra say that these sort of events are unheard of, whilst ecologists stress that the chaos came expectedly due to the forest areas in India being destroyed, and the monkeys are being left without their natural habitat.
In Agra, in the Uttar Pradesh province which is in the north of India, monkeys most often chose passers by as victims, and steal food from their hands and mouth.

“We sought permission from the authorities to capture two thousand monkeys. We have relocated them to a special, protected zone where they have enough food” said one citizen. The Indian media state that this problem is far from being solved, because in Hinduism animals are loved, and monkeys are considered to be a reincarnation of Hanus, the god of wind with a human body and a monkey’s head.

Take a look at how desperate the monkeys are in India in the video: Indian Monkeys Fight Over Water Bottle.