JULY 12 2008 18:06h

VIDEO: Boys Dig Dead Girl's Body Out To Have Sex




Three boys ended up in court for trying to dig out the body of a 20-year-old girl from her grave and have sex with her.

Until a few days ago, sex with dead people was legal, but due to public pressure, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin declared necrophilia forbidden, foreign media report. 

In this way, they enabled to sentence three boys who dug out the body of a dead woman from her grave, in order to have sex with it. Twin brothers Alexander and Nicholas Grunek and Dustin Radke could spend 10 years in prison for their bizarre action.

Armed with condoms and shovels, they went to a cemetery in Cassaville in order to dig out the body of 20-year-old Laura Tennessen, after Nicholas had seen her bill of death. As they did not manage to open the coffin, they ran away from the cemetery, and soon after were arrested.