APRIL 3 2009 11:15h

VIDEO: Berlusconi Calls to Obama and Angers Queen

Barack Obama, Silvio Berlusconi and Dmitrij Medvedev at the G-20 meeting in London.




Berlusconi was so happy to see Obama that he started to call him loudly. The queen was shocked and asked what is this.

The leaders of the world powers met on Thursday at the G20 summit, held in London, trying to solve the problems that caused the world economic crisis.

However, not everything passed in a serious tone. Even Queen Elizabeth II broke protocol when she put her arm around the American first lady Michelle Obama, and the Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi delighted everyone there.

Known for his numerous gaffs, nobody was surprised when he called out to president Barack Obama in a loud voice in Buckingham palace.

“Mister Obama” called Berlusconi.

“Mister Berlusconi” said Obama is a slightly quieter voice. The Queen was watching everything, who was a bit shocked at the behaviour of the Italian premier.

“What is it?” asked the Queen, looking confused.

In February this year, Silvio Berlusconi told Italian women to stay in their homes, because he cannot ensure that many police officers and soldiers to protect them from rape. There cannot be enough soldiers who would protect the beautiful women from rape, said Berlusconi.
After that Berlusconi became a bit embarrassed, but he was happy when he managed to get to Obama to be photographed with him.

Remember, the Italian premier provoked criticism last year when he said that Obama won the elections because he is “young, handsome and tanned”. Besides that, on one occasion at a meeting in Brussels, he paraded around with a watch with Obama’s face on it, in order to, as he said, to make his colleagues laugh. He made a joke about Obama’s dark skin a few days ago.

Berlusconi has also earned criticism for his sexist statements. On one occasion he whispered to Sarkozy that he fixed him a wife, because Carla Bruni was born in Italy. He proposed that a student marry a millionaire, like his son.

Take a look at the video: Berlusconi Calls to Obama and Angers Queen.