APRIL 26 2009 15:03h

Ten Biggest World Conspiracy Theories

Hiroshima after the atom bomb




The CIA is responsible for Kennedy’s assassination, Tito was a Soviet spy, reptiles rule the world and elites are creating a global country…

Conspiracy theories always had an audience to tickle their imaginations and with the surfacing of modern media, they have become an integral part of modern society and culture. 

But what are conspiracy theories? Conspiracy theories are attempts to explain a historic or current event as being the result of some clandestine action by elites, that is, a society of various power-mongers, to achieve their hidden agendas.-.-Wikimedia Commons-.-A warning sign in front of the Area 51 base

Conspiracy theories have always existed, but until modern media, the television and the Internet happened, they were known only to a handful of enthusiasts. With the invention of the television, and especially the Internet, they became available to wider masses. The entire “X Files” series focus on the paranormal and secret elites who hush it up.

Also, the book and film “The Da Vinci Code” are based on the search for the Holy Grail, or Jesus’ offspring and David Icke’s theories about reptiles that run the world have become part of our daily lives.

Certain conspiracy theories have been disproven to an extent. For example, recently five former employees of the Area 51 secret military base spoke out. By going public, they confirmed the existence of a military base there, but they also said that the military was not into copying extraterrestrial technology. But obdurate conspiracy advocates did not believe this and think this was just another cover-up and public deceit.

The most popular events for which various elites are responsible are:

10. Microsoft sends secret messages with the Wingdings font

This controversial theory came up in 1992, several days after Windows 3.1. was released. It was discovered that if the letters NYC are written using the Wingdings font, a skull, the Star of David and a “thumbs up” symbol will appear on the screen. The symbols could be interpreted as approval of killing Jews, especially those who live in New York.

Furthermore, after 9/11, another message was discovered, although false, but many believed it. Although the flight numbers of the aircraft that crashed into the WTC were 11 and 175, somebody got the idea of giving a false number “Q33NY” to one of the planes. If this is written in the Wingdings font, on the screen appears an eerie image of the event: a plane flying towards two skyscrapers, a skull and the Star of David.

9. Roswell

This theory that goes back to 1947 is about the fall of an alien space craft in the American town of Roswell in New Mexico. The theory developed because the American government first confirmed that some kind of “saucer” crashed, and then changed its story about a weather balloon having fallen.

According to some new information, there was indeed some cover-up in Roswell. But it was not an alien space ship or a weather balloon that crashed. It was a secret spy balloon codenamed Mogul Project. But Edgar Mitchell, a former astronaut from the Apollo 14 mission, recently stated that the government forced Roswell locals into silence about the crash and that it was indeed an alien craft that had crashed there.

8. Assassination of John F. Kennedy 

John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas in 1963. After a ten-month investigation, Lee Harvey Oswald was found to be the assassin. Conspiracy theorists believe there had to have been at least one more shooter and they also have reservations about Oswald’s motive.

Many theories developed about the assassination of America’s 35th president over the years, suggesting that various political options and government agencies were behind his murder, including the CIA, the KGB, the mafia, the then vice-president Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush, and even Fidel Castro found himself on the list of suspects.

7. A race of reptiles is running the world Novinar-.-Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia,

The founder of this theory is a former English goalkeeper and BBC’s reporter, David Icke. He claims that the world is ruled by a race of alien reptiles that can assume human forms and that they are at all leading state functions.

According to Icke, the British royal family, the entire Bush family and many other world leaders are not human beings, but reptiles. Even though he has absolutely no proof for his claims, Icke travels the world and holds lectures, seminars, sells books and appears on television.

6. Paul McCartney is dead 

According to urban legend, Paul McCartney died back in 1966 and the rest of the Beatles replaced him with his look-alike. Allegedly some of the songs have messages that can be heard if played backwards and markings on photographs from albums and the words in songs all indicate that McCartney is dead.

The main proof of the whole theory is a photograph on the Beatles’ album “Abbey Road”. Conspiracy theorists saw hidden symbolism in that photograph because Paul McCartney is crossing the road barefoot and had lost step with the other members of the band.-.--.-

5. NASA faked Moon landing 

Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon in 1969 did not seem convincing to many people and so the theory was born that there was no Moon landing at all. Allegedly, the scenario for the Moon landing was written by science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke and was directed by the CIA.

Supporters of this theory believe that the trip to the Moon was not possible for the following reasons: the astronauts could not survive the extreme radiation, the quality of the photographs is impossibly good, no stars are seen on the photographs and the terrain is identical on all of the photographs. Also, the temperature on the Moon during the day is so high that the film in the camera would melt, there is no crater which should have been created after the shuttle landed and the flag on the footage can be seen waving, although there is no wind on the Moon.

4. Josip Broz Tito was a Soviet spy -.-wikimedia commons-.-Josip Broz Tito

That conspiracy theories are not reserved just for western countries is confirmed by a “home-made” urban legend.

According to some stories, the late president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had been killed and the Soviets put in his place a look-alike who was their spy. And this theory has several theories. One says that Tito had been killed in Russia in the 1920s and another that he was killed in the battle of Sutjeska, but in both theories, he was replaced by a Soviet secret agent.

According to some stories, the look-alike was a poor Polish aristocrat. The theory was backed by the story that after the war, the locals of his birth village of Kumrovec could not recognise him. Allegedly, the “real” Tito was missing three fingers on his right hand and his double even played the piano.

3. End of the world in 2012 

Scientists have discovered that the Mayan calendar is rather precise in predicting cosmic events and-.-Courtesy National Nuclear Security Administration-.-Atomic bomb the role of the planets in those events. The problem is that there is nothing written after the year 2012, that is, the prediction of events stops there.

Many people who are studying this phenomenon are certain that something important will happen, but they do not know exactly what. There are various presumptions, from the theory that the cycle of life on Earth will return to its beginnings, to a cosmic cataclysm that will wipe out all life on Earth.

According to some theories, there will be a total nuclear war in 2012 and mankind will be saved from extinction by aliens.

On the other hand, some believe that after 2012 mankind will enter its golden era, an age of prosperity and permanent peace.

But all supporters of this theory agree in one thing: world governments know what will happen, but are hiding the truth from the people.

2. The global financial and economic crisis was caused on purpose-.--.-Wall Street 

One of the newer conspiracy theories is the purposeful crashing of the economy to destroy the collective assets of the average people. According to conspiracy theorists, from the middle of the last century, the Americans kept their assets in banks, pension insurance and real-estate.

But since it was not possible to manipulate with that money, the elites decided to find new methods that would enable them to manage the assets, via the stock markets. Slowly, people began to invest into shares instead of banks and pension insurance. So, investment banks began to sprout.

The next step was real-estate. They began giving mortgages to people who could not pay back the loans and that eventually caused the real-estate market to crash.

Those who planned this received nice fat bonuses, but millions of Americans lost all of their savings and the value of their real-estate plummeted.

1. New world order -.--.-

This theory is the “mother of all theories”, their core, because all elites that wish to grab power with their backhanded games have the ultimate goal of establishing a new world order.

The backbones of this theory are secret societies such as Bilderberg, the Illuminati and the Freemasons who, like puppet-masters, pull the strings of famous people in politics, economy or culture, all with the aim of creating a global police state.

The purposefully caused economic crisis and the weakening of the United States’ foreign influence are, according to some theories, newest moves aimed at establishing a police state. Keeping aliens and UFOs under wraps is also their doing, allegedly because they need alien technology so they could run the entire world population.

But in the end, every crime, from a bank robbery and an ordered murder, to the Watergate scandal, which is planned by more than one person, can be called a conspiracy.