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AUGUST 27 2008 17:26h

Suspicious Austrian Healer Conning Slovenes

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Slovene oncologists warn of a fake expert from Salzburg who is conning Slovene patients, offering them a cure for cancer.

Most prominent Slovene oncologists have requested the Austrian Doctors` Chamber to respond on the case of “the Salzburg expert”, who offers cancer-struck Slovenian patients an alternative way of healing because they believe fraud is in question, Slovene media report Wednesday.

Walter Nikolaus Klehr promises cancer patients healing through so called cytokines, compounds derived from the patient`s blood which supposedly strengthen their immunity, attack and destroy tumours. However, a letter from a patient`s son was published in the Austrian media recently. The patient died and his son suggested that those who sought the help of alternative healers, after homeland medicine could not help them, were fooled.

Klehr promised at least five years of life to an unnamed patient upon receiving the cytokine treatment, who was told by Ljubljana doctors that not even an operation could save his life. Returning to his homeland, he died and he left some 15,000 euros in Salzburg, said the deceased man`s son in a letter, published by the Salzburg Foenster.

Former Slovene President Janez Drnovsek, who died six months ago, after a long battle with cancer, avoided chemotherapy suggestions for a long time and accepted alternative treatment. However, several months before his death, Drnovsek told other cancer patients, in front of cameras, that the only affective treatment is official oncology therapy. He also warned that he did not wish to influence others, who had medical problems, with his actions.