JANUARY 10 2009 13:27h

Russian-Croatian Boss Responsible for Gas Crisis?

Semyon Mogilevich




Heading the RosUkrEnego company, which sells gas to Europe and Ukraine, is allegedly a Russian with Croatian citizenship, Semyon Mogilevich.

Gossip that the mafia has its hands in the export and transit of Russian gas via Ukraine became even louder after the gas crisis in Europe began. 

Allegedly, Semyon Mogilevich, considered to be one of the bosses, or even the chief mafia boss in Russia, is at the helm of the mysterious company RosUkrEnego, which sells gas to Europe and Ukraine, the Slobodna Dalmacija daily reported.

He is a Russian citizen of Ukrainian descent whom the FBI considers the key person of international crime. What is interesting is the fact that, due to special services for Zagreb, he was granted Croatian citizenship. During his arrest for tax evasion last year, allegedly, police found a Croatian passport on him.

Mogilevich was arrested using a false name of Sergei Schneider, which is one of the 17 false names he used. Claims that Mogilevich is the head of the RosUkrEnego company began back in 2005 when the then Ukrainian counterintelligence service chief, Olexandr Turchinov, said he had proof that the Russian mafia boss was the director of the mysterious company. Soon after, Moscow’s daily Komersan wrote about Migolevich taking part in negotiations about the prices of gas supply for 2006.

Mogilevich Arrest `Spells End` for Gas Middlemen