JULY 11 2015 09:38h

Russian ambassador not welcome at Srebrenica commemoration




Russian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Petar Ivancov on Friday cancelled his attendance at a commemoration on the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica atrocity on Saturday, accusing the organising committee of "rude politicisation."
Ivancov decided not to go to Srebrenica after the committee organising the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the genocide took the position that he was not welcome, the Russian Embassy said in a press release.
Ivancov said he regretted the committee's position that he was not welcome because of Russia's veto at the UN Security Council on a British draft resolution on Srebrenica, adding that he had planned to go to Srebrenica to pay his respects to "the victims of the tragic events in 1995."
Ivancov said he would like to extend his deep condolences to all the families and those close to the victims of the "horrible tragedy." He avoided to use the word genocide.
The organising committee's position is an example of rude politicisation of the commemoration, which is a threat we have been warning about from the start, Ivancov said.


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