FEBRUARY 26 2012 17:29h

Report: New Intifada in Palestinian areas?


JERUSALEM, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- A new Intifada has been quietly gaining momentum in Palestinian territories but is being ignored by Israel's military, an Israeli broadcaster said Sunday.

Arutz Shiva said reports of clashes between Palestinian and Israeli settlers have been on the rise in recent weeks over a broad area, prompting Israeli Defense Forces commanders to increase its presence along the roads in the area.

Arutz Shiva said the situation was becoming similar to the long and bloody Intifada uprising of 2000. "It never really ended, with sporadic violence that has worsened since the Palestinian Authority has failed to force Israel to accept its diplomatic and political demands," the broadcaster said.

Thus far, however, the Israelis have not made any aggressive moves to increase security despite more-frequent incidents of rock throwing and street assaults against Israeli civilians. The lack of action was chided in the Arutz Shiva report for supposedly leaving a power vacuum and level of lawlessness that Palestinian militants were exploiting.