JULY 11 2007 11:07h

PHOTO: Naked Race in Pamplona

Pamplona has an even better tourist attraction.




Only two days before the great traditional Bull Run and their fight, Pamplona was overcome by nude animal friends.

Thousands of naked activists, in their own way, are protesting against the cruelty which the bulls are going through because of this most popular Spanish tourist attraction. However, naked bodies of animal friends have been getting more and more world media coverage for the past years. In this way, they want to draw attention that Pamplona has an alternative tourist attraction, even more interesting according to many. This year an unmemorable number of journalists from all parts of the world attended the naked race. Journalist of the website and Nova TV station`s Red Carpet show Nenad Hervatin was among the journalists who covered this year`s race.

Croatian activists among the loudest ones!

For the fourth time, a group of Croatian activists has joined the human action that has more world media exposure each year. This year, under the leadership of Anita Euschen, a bus with 30 activists from all parts of Croatia has set out from Spain. Lauren Bowey, co-ordinator of the PETA campaign confirmed in an interview for Javno that Croatian activists were among the best. Take a look in the PHOTOGALLERY to see how they prepare and how they delighted the citizens of Pamplona.

-Croats surprise us each year, but this year they were exceptionally well-organised. They gave the horns which they were wearing to activists from all parts of the world and took photos with them. This is a picture of Croatia which has circled the world these days, showing how animal protection awareness and ending cruelty in your country is spreading at an unbelievable pace. This is Croatia which will soon enter Europe and serve as a good example to all other countries. I only regret that activists from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia could not join us this year, but let us hope this will change next year. Way to go, Croats!-Bowey pointed out.

Excellent alternative to the cruelty tourist attraction

To our question why do animal lovers decide to run in the streets, covered only with horns, almost completely naked, Anita Euschen has an answer waiting. Before the bull fight, the animals are terrorised with electric poles and sharp objects, while many of them sustain serious injuries while skidding off and falling down the stone covered streets. The bulls are regularly weakened with tranquilisers and beatings or their neck muscles are being cut in order to prevent them from completely raising their head. Their eyes are covered with vaseline to weaken their vision.

Awareness which is spreading faster than lightning

Throughout the world, numerous groups which oppose bull fighting were organised, including the Green Party in Spain that collaborates with the Spanish Animal Rights Association (ADDA) in order to ban this practice. In 1993, this coalition has collected more than a million signatures for this cause in a petition. Last year, a ban took effect in Cataluña, with Barcelona as its centre. The fact how tourists hate bull fighting is evident from a New York Times research, showing that around 90% of tourists who witnessed this event once do not want to see it again.

Look at the most interesting parts of the naked race which took part in streets of Pamplona last week in the PHOTOGALLERY 2. Activists mostly are not wearing anything apart from red scarves and plastic horns. PETA and Animal lovers expect the Human race to reveal and end cruelty which hides behind the bull race.

Facts that shocked the world!

Interestingly enough, the expression “bullfight” is actually a fight between a matador armed with swards (matador meaning killer in Spanish) and a confused, stunned, psychiclay and physically abused bull.

These magnificent animals that skid off and fall down the hard streets of Pamplona during the bull run are killed in a barbaric fashion later on – all in the name of “tradition”. Regardless of it being “historic and traditional”, bullfighting consists of torturing, mutilating and slaughtering animals for fun!

Bulls are bred at farms and are not used to crowds. They are kept in narrow, dark barns and are forced out with electro shockers, where they are momentarily blinded by light. So thoroughly frightened, spectators beat them with rolled up newspaper. The streets in which the bulls run have small-angle curves and the bulls cannot master due to their mass so they ram into walls, skid off, fall down, break their bones and severely injure themselves. All the bulls are forced to run this painful race through Pamplona, towards a gory and terrible death in the fighting arena.

A scientific study conducted at the Salamanca University in Spain revealed that more than 20% of the bulls are drugged before entering the arena. From a sample of 200 bulls, it was discovered that every fifth bull was drugged with too large dosages of medicine against infections, which disguise injuries and chronically exhaust the animal.

Another common occurrence is “bull hazing”, i.e. cutting off a few centimetres from their horns, which is usually done to very young animals because it is extremely painful for an adult animal, whose horns are completely developed. Bulls` horns are important for them because they help them to keep their balance. In other words, when a grown animal has the tips of its horns cut off, the animal becomes extremely disorientated. Such “hazing” is illegal and at times, a veterinarian examines the horns after the fight. In 1997, Association of Matadors, which includes 230 matadors, went on strike against such a provision.

In a typical fight, a bull enters the arena and a picador will approach it (a bullfighter riding on a blindfolded horse), and lance the bull in the back or the large muscle at the back of the neck. Such injuries make it impossible for the bull to raise its head. They turn and swirl the lance to ensure the bull loosing large amounts of blood. Then the banderilleros enter the arena on foot and run around the bull to distract it and set banderillas in the bulls` back. sticks with harpoon tops.

When the bull is completely exhausted from loosing blood, banderillos run in circles around it, until it gets so dizzy that it can no longer run after them. This is when the matador comes in. After several provocations with a red cape towards which the dieing animals runs, the matador tries to kill it with a swardÂ… If he misses, he only mutilates the animal more, executors arrive and stab the worn out, suffering animal to death. The execution dagger is supposed to cut the animalÂ’s spinal cord, but it is rarely done, therefore the animal is fully conscious of its surroundings, but paralysed and is dragged out of the arena with chains tied to its horns.

If the crowd is satisfied with the matador`s performance, the bulls ears and tail are cut off as the animal is still alive and handed over to the matador as a trophy. Several minutes later, the next bull enters the arena and the sadistic show is repeatedÂ…