AUGUST 9 2009 13:55h

PHOTO: 10 Most Beautiful Female Politicians

Yuri Fuyikawa


10 Most Beautifu ...


Those who believe that politics imply boring parliamentary sittings will perhaps change their mind after seeing these beauties.

Some think politics is monotone and parliamentary sittings are boring. However, real beauties can sometimes be in these seats. We have compiled a list of ten successful women who rule the world and their beauty is breath taking.Reuters-.--.-Mara Carfagna

1. It was a bit difficult to decide which beauty to assign to the first place, we will start with exotic Japanese Yuri Fujikawa, who was named the most beautiful politician in the world by bloggers. She is a representative of the city Hachinoha and was recently involved in a sex scandal, when she was spotted entering a hotel embraced by a married man. However, nobody held it against her and he is famous for being too beautiful for politics.

2. Mara Carfagna came in second, who caused quite a stir a year ago, when she became Italian minister. This former hostess, a law graduate, managed to win over Silvio Berlusconi`s confidence and seriously emerged herself in politics. However, her climb up the political ladder was not clean. The media reported she was Barlusconi`s mistress, which she seriously denied.

3. Tania Derveaux, Belgian politician and member of the NEE party (protesting youth group which offers alternatives to dissatisfied voters), is one of those breath-taking women Apart from her looks, she is also famous for controversial outbursts. During the 2007 run for the Senate, she was featured on posters absolutely naked with angel wings on her back. But this is not all. While other politicians presented their economic programmes, Tania`s poster read “I`ll blow you 40,000 times”. This was a parody of various promises her rivals made.

4. Although she came in fourth, Alina Kabaeva is just as pretty as the women at the top of the list. The selection was subjective, of course, and we do not underestimate anyone`s taste. Alina is a member of the United Russia Party, famous for being the most successful Russian gymnast. She was involved in a scandal last year, when the media claimed she was engaged to Vladimir Putin.

5. Luciana Leon was named the most beautiful female politician several times and is a member of the Peruvian Aprista Party. She is the youngest Congress member.

6. We have decided to include Angelina Sondakh, former Miss Indonesia, who entered politics in 2004. Alaska has Sarah Palin, USA has Hillary Clinton, Pakistan had Benazir Bhutto, while Indonesia has Angelina Sondakh, smart and beautiful, blogs claim.-.--.-Alina Kabaeva

7. Ruby Dhalla is a Canadian politician and member of the Liberal Party. She was born in an Indian immigrant family and was interested in politics ever since childhood. Her beauty was widely recognised, as several magazines included her in their top 10 most beautiful female politicians list.

8. When we talk about female politics and beauty, former U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has to be mentioned. Although many judged her for her reckless statements, nobody can deny her charm and beauty.

9. Apart from being successful in politics, Ukraine`s Premier Yulia Tymoshenko has the kind of smile that opens doors. According to Forbes, she was named third most successful women in the world and is one of the wealthiest persons in her country.

10. Segolene Royal, former French presidential candidate is our number 10. She is a mother of four and still looks good at 56. She was born in a military base in Dakar and is famous for severe criticism. After the American elections, she told President Barack Obama that she knows how he copied certain parts of her 2007 campaign.

Take a look at the attached photo gallery: 10 Most Beautiful Female Politicians.