AUGUST 28 2015 10:28h

Pakistan kills three civilians in Kashmir: India

1965 India-Pakistan War: 50 years on, South Asian rivalry endures




At least three civilians were killed and 17 injured when Pakistani troops fired across the border into India's Jammu and Kashmir state on Friday, officials said.

Pakistan Rangers used automatic weapons and mortar bombs to target posts of the Border Security Force (BSF) in the Arnia and the Ranbirsingh Pora sectors from midnight, a spokesman for the BSF said on condition of anonymity.

The firing was so heavy that shells hit nearby residential areas and three civilians including a woman were killed, a senior police official said on condition of anonymity.

The BSF spokesman said Indian troops had "strongly" retaliated to the firing and the clash was continuing.

"Pakistani Rangers resorted to unprovoked firing. There have been no casualties to our troops so far," he said.

Both India and Pakistan accuse each other of violating a 2003 ceasefire agreement in Kashmir, a region administered in part by both countries but claimed in its entirety by both.

The nuclear-armed neighbours have fought two wars over the Himalayan region since their 1947 independence from Britain.

There have been 51 violations of a 2003 border ceasefire agreement by Pakistan in August and 245 violations this year so far, according to Indian broadcaster NDTV.

The flare-up on the border comes days after key security talks were called off after India rejected Islamabad's demand that Kashmir should form part of the talks' agenda.


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