MARCH 4 2009 19:13h

Mass Grave Reveals Over 300 Croats And Slovenes

Mass grave in Slovenia




The tomb was hermetically sealed and the victims were killed by gas from May until September 1945.

Remains of over a hundred persons were found in Barbarin Rov (Barbara`s Trench) in Huda Jama, Slovenia and the investigation was opened last year, the 24ur writes. Chief prosecutor Barbara Brezigar visited the horrible site.

Roman Leljak wrote about the mass grave in the mine in 1990. Since then, 19 years have passed and the tomb was still closed for the public, due to the criminal investigation. Leljak claimed that nobody was interested in the truth about the crime. He warned that such crimes against humanity could not reach the statue of limitations. Furthermore, he has submitted a report to the Celje Prosecution, naming the main culprit – partisan Ricek Anton Toni, member of the First Slovene Division of the People`s Defence. According to him, the eliminations took place from May until September 1945.

Case has not been solved for over 60 years

Nobody is interested in these crimes

Roman Leljak wrote about the mass grave and crimes which took place in 1945, while he tried gathering evidence in front of Barbarin Rov. However, the police prevented him and wanted to charge him with desecrating the tomb. He was examined all night long.

- What I saw is something a person can call the most stressful moment of their life – prosecutor Brezigar told reporters.

She added that the fact the case has not been solved in over 60 years was a great problem alone.

- I don`t know if the guilty persons can be found and if they are alive at all – Brezigar said.

Head of the army cemeteries sector Marko Strovs told the Delo daily that up to 300 mortal remains were included in the grave.

Two years ago, the media wrote that Southern Slovenia was a mass grave of vast proportions, but nobody has officially responded about one of the greatest Holocaust cases in Europe.

According to Strovs, the wall of Barbarin Rov was broken in June last year.

- The miners cleared the trench and then came across another concrete wall. They again cleared the trench and came across another wall, behind which the first victim was found, which was most probably killed- Afterwards, the trench was covered in clay in the length of 10 metres – Strovs said.

Hermetically sealed trench

He claims that the whole trench construction did not fall apart because it was hermetically sealed. He claims it was visible that the victims had no clothes on, except for shoes. Strovs believes these people were killed by gas, because the mummified bodies show no visible signs of violence of bullet holes. He says the victims were mostly Slovenes, but there were Croats as well.

Andreja Valic, director of the Studies Centre for People`s Law said that the Huda Jama case was one of the worst forms of violence of the communist regime.

- This is one of 15 Slovenian Srebrenicas – Joze Dezman said, head of the Slovene Commission for solving the issues of hidden graves.

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