JUNE 27 2008 22:08h

Marriage with 1-Year-Old, Sex with 9-Year-Old Girl

The Koran




Marriage with a 1-year-old baby girl is completely acceptable, with Muhammad, who married a 6-year-old girl, being a role-model.

While the entire world has been at war with paedophiles for years, men in the Middle East marry very young girls.

- Sex with a nine-year-old is quite normal – says Dr. Ahmed Al-Mu’bi, who marries couples in SaudiReuters-.--.- Arabia. He confirmed that marrying a one-year-old baby girl was completely acceptable, adding that the role model was Muhammad, whose wife was only six when he married her.

No minimum age limit for marriage 

- Marriage is two issues: first, we talk of marriage as a union, while consummating a marriage, meaning starting sexual relations, is a different issue – Ahmed told a Lebanese television.

- There is no minimum age limit for marriage. You can marry a one-year-old girl, let alone girls who are 7, 8 or nine years old. Those girls become women – Ahmed said.

Reuters-.--.-Muhammad is the role model for Muslims 

But has anybody ever wondered whether the girls are ready to have sexual intercourse?

- Muhammad is the role model we follow. He married Aisha when she was only six years old, but he began having sexual relations with her when she turned nine – Ahmed says.

The man becomes a protector to his girl-wife, taking the place of her father.

- People find themselves in various circumstances. Imagine a father who has two or three daughters and has to go away on a trip. Is it not better that he marries off his children to a man who will take care of them and protect them – Ahmed explained.

Marriages in Muslim countries are also arranged because of financial difficulties or compensation.