FEBRUARY 4 2009 11:38h

Man Cuts Off Own Penis, Flushes the Toilet

A toilet bowl




He was normal until he turned 20, after which his girlfriend forced him to marry, he became psychologically ill, which led to the incident.

A psychiatric patient, a 45 year old from Nis, Serbia cut off his penis with a kitchen knife, and then threw it into the toilet and flushed it. However, he underwent surgery in NisÂ’ hospital on time, and his life is not in danger, writes Press Online.

After his fatherÂ’s death, the 45 year old lived with his mother, who saw him on the couch after he cut off his organ. She immediately called an ambulance.

“He attended psychiatric therapy a few times for a few months each. We did not have problems with him, but he was aggressive towards his mother. However, we did not expect that he would harm himself like this” said one of the neighbours for Press.

This was confirmed by his mother, who said that her son abused and beat her for years, but stressed that he was very calm for the last three years.

-.--.-Knife“After his father’s death he stopped beating me. He said that he only has me. He was scared that he would end up in a psychiatric hospital if I die” said the desperate mother, whose son fell ill aged 20.

“He started acting weird…”

“He finished school, got a job and found a girlfriend. However, back then she started insisting on marriage, and he started acting weird. It was established that he fell psychologically ill. When he was home he refused to drink medication, so he received injections. He smoked and drank coffee a lot, he totally physically broke down” said his mother.

On Monday, February 2, his mother woke up at around 5am, and found her son unusually crouched, sitting on the couch. She entered the bathroom, and was shocked to see that the whole room was covered in blood. She could not even imagine what he had done.

After he was transferred to the urology clinic, the young man admitted that he cut off his organ with a kitchen knife, threw it into the toilet, and flushed it. They did not find the severed organ, so it was impossible to sew it back on.