MARCH 18 2009 18:05h

Fritzl’s Daughter Elisabeth Attended Trial?

Josef Fritzl




During her captivity, Elisabeth wrote down all her father´s abuses, and she allegedly wants to write memoirs.

The third day of the trial against the incestuous rapist Josef Fritzl, was allegedly attended by his daughter Elisabeth, who he held in the basement of their house together with three of their children for 24 years.

Reuters-.--.-Defendant Josef Fritzl, hides his face as he arrives for his trial at the court of law in Sankt Poelten in Austria`s province of Lower Austria March 16, 2009.However, there has been no official confirmation if Elisabeth was at the trail, and this information is also not know by Fritzl’s lawyer Rudolf Mayer.

Even though after being freed, Elisabeth told the police officers in a statement that she does not want to see her father, dungeon keeper and rapist again, which was the reason her testimony was recorded and played before the jury, she, according to the Austrian media, wanted to face her father once again, because she is writing her memoirs.

Diaries of suffering

It is known that during her captivity, Elisabeth recorded the exact time of all her abuses in her diary, and she told the police officers that she had been writing in the basement for years, but that nobody heard her.

Because the information on the psychological state of the monstrous 74 year old are still disputable, it is speculated that the verdict could come down to serving a sentence in a psychiatric institution.

Remember, Fritzl, after seeing the recording of his daughter’s testimony, changed his plea to guilty on all points of the indictment, including the murder of his son who died soon after birth. Fritzl burned the dead body of his son and poured the ashes in the front yard of his home.