MARCH 19 2009 10:42h

Fritzl`s Attorney Receives Death Threats

Journalists watch a TV screen inside the media tent as 73-year-old Austrian Josef Fritzl appears in court on the fourth day of his trial in St. Poelten March 19, 2009.




Attorney Mayer announced they would not seek forgiveness, but understanding. Life sentence is expected for Fritzl.

Attorney Rudolf Mayer said he has received death threats, on the day of his client Josef Fritzl`s verdict, who will most likely be sentenced to life in prison.

Mayer told Sky News reporters about the death threats, before the start of the fifth day of trial to Fritzl, already named trial of the century.

He gave this statement at the very entrance to the court, following his defendant, 73-year-old Josef Fritzl, who fathered seven children with his daughter, whom he kept imprisoned in the basement of his home for 24 years.Reuters-.--.-

Fritzl might be sentenced to life in prison, for the crimes which he has admitted to – incest, rape, imprisonment, murder and enslavement.

Attorney Mayer, who will give the final statement before the verdict, announced that he “would not ask forgiveness from the jury, but understanding for Fritzl”.

At Fritzl`s trial, psychiatrist Adelheid Kastner testified, who said that the defendant should be placed in a psychiatric institution because there is danger of re-offending.

- The danger is still very much there that he will reoffend if he is not treated – the psychiatrist said.

She testified after Fritzl pleaded guilty for all counts of the indictment, which included the murder of his son.

When the judge asked Fritzl what made him change his plea, he just briefly responded, according to Reuters:

- The testimony of my daughter Elisabeth –

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