NOVEMBER 10 2009 12:33h

Dodik will give Plavsic office in the Senate?

Former Bosnian Serb President Biljana Plavsic accompanied by Bosnian Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik smiles after her arrival in Belgrade.




RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik intends to provide convicted war criminal with an official car, body guards, salary and a secretary.

If the new law is adopted, Repubila Srpska may award Biljana Plavsic with the office, official car, a personal security guard and a secretary. However, despite the announcement that Biljana Plavsic could become an honorary president of the entity, Prime Minister Milorad Dodik said that such a thing is only a possibility and that they are playing with the idea. 

He argues that the Constitution of the Republika Srpska would not allow something like this, but he admits that they are seriously considering it.

- We are working on revising the law on the President of the Republic, which would award Plavsic, and other former presidents, the opportunity to enjoy some privileges like the office, monetary compensation, counselor, secretary, official car with a driver and so forth - explained Dodik for the Kurir.

Svetozar Mihajlovic, who during the past year led the committee that lobbied for Plavisc’s release, believes that expecting Plavsic to become the honorary president of the entity would be unrealistic.

- It is unrealistic, because there is no foundation in the applicable legislation - said Mihajlovic. However he adds that the possibility that she becomes a member of the Republika Srpska Senate is a lot more plausible.  

Mihajlovic explains that Plavsic, as the former President of the Republika Srpska, as well as distinguished professor and dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, really deserves a place in the Senate. The procedure for this has never been easier: the president of the RS makes the proposal, and she then accepts.

SDS: This is madness!

The leader of the SDS, Mladen Bosic, claims that such a thing would me mad, and he does not believe that anyone could come up with such a stupidity. He says that Plavsic burdened budget of RS with a very high number of mortgage loans. He is convinced that history will be able to tell if she was a positive or a negative figure and a rumor that she will be given a tribute demonstrates that someone wants to use Plavsic for political manipulations.

- We should not forget that Plavsic, for the sake of her personal comfort and for the lowering of sentence, admitted her role in the events of war - said Bosic.

She persecuted Croats and Muslims, and then received a five star prison

Recall, the 79-year-old surrendered to The Hague Tribunal eight years ago, when she admitted that she participated in the persecution of Bosnian Muslims and Croats during the war. She served two-thirds of her 11 year-sentence and assisted Radovan Karadzic during the war.

Although it seems incredible that a person convicted of war crimes serves a sentence in a maximum comfort facility, such cases do exist. Plavsic is one of them since she spent her jail time in the most comfortable woman’s prison which was located in a castle.

Prisoners there have solarium, gym, school, library, horses, and beauty salons at their disposal. Plavsic, the oldest prisoner, did not have to work so she was able to spend her days in a room with a TV, desk and bed. When leaving the prison, the prisoners are thrown a goodbye party.  

Biljana Plavisc was released from prison a few weeks ago and she flew to Belgrade with a plane sent to her by Milorad Dodik.