NOVEMBER 7 2012 21:41h

Croatian top officials pleased with Obama's re-election

President Barack Obama delivers remarks as he holds an energy town hall discussion at Gamesa Technology Corporation in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, April 6, 2011. Obama spoke on his energy plan to protect consumers from rising oil prices by diversifying America




ZAGREB, Nov 7 (Hina) - Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Wednesday that he was glad that the current president Barack Obama had been re-elected although his rival was competent and in the end it was a tight run. He further added that he did not expect any changes in relations toward Croatia.

"Great interest prevails for American elections as they impact not only America but the world too", Milanovic told reporters.

Foreign and European Affairs Minister Vesna Pusic at a press conference on Wednesday said that the US presidential run-up was exciting and that the re-election of Barack Obama was assurance that the US would continue its political orientation toward Croatia which is very significant and positive.

"In a way we remain to be a partner to the US in the region and for us that is an important role", Minister Pusic said.

She added that the recent visit by State-Secretary Hillary Clinton to Croatia was confirmation that Croatia had a role in the region regarding the progress of countries in the region aspiring to NATO and EU membership.

The public relations office of the Croatian government later reported that PM Milanovic sent a letter of congratulations to the re-elected US president.

On behalf of Croatia and the Croatian people, Milanovic thanked President Obama and his Administration for efforts they have taken to ensure Croatia's successful integration into the Euro-Atlantic institutions.