JUNE 11 2007 22:22h

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Loses Funding


The hills in Visoko are a natural formation and not pyramids, as Semir Osmanagic wishes to present them, says Bosnian Culture Minister.

The Ministry of Culture of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to put an end to the funding of the project “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.” Opinions on the subject as well as on the pyramid phenomenon are so divided in Bosnia that some public persons, who have denied the existence of pyramids, said that they would set themselves on fire if those were really proven to pyramids.   

Numerous politicans have given support to the research in Visoko, formerly a royal town. Experts have protested and the people find all this interesting.  

“The pyramids” are a natural formation   

However, Culture Minister Gavrilo Grahovac decided to shut down the source of funding, at least this one, because this was not a serious archaeological research. The credibility of the people who collaborated on the project was “unreliable” and they have published their findings that were kept away from the experts. 

The scientific research team has proved that the hill Visocica is a natural geological formation and its relief is the consequence of natural tectonic movement. 

Suspicious activities     

The present appearance of Visocica is the result of structural factors and climate changes at work. By acting on its own initiative, the foundation does not act in keeping with the existing regulations of archaeology, in spite of being registered at the B-H Justice Ministry, and its registration itself ought to be looked into.   

Before coming to this conclusion, the Ministry consulted with the B-H Academy of Arts and Sciences, the committee for the preservation of national monuments, the Archeological Museum, the Tuzla Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering, and the Federal Geology Institute. 

Osmanagic: We have done more than the Ministry of Culture has in the last 12 years 

Of course, the foundation responded. 

They think that the Federation government has reasons to support the project because it has developed a positive image of B-H in the world. In fact, they think that it has done more than all the projects of the Ministry and the five aforementioned institutions put together have in the last 12 years. They are denying the claims that their staff is not qualified, they claim that they delivered the reports, and they are presenting their project in global proportions. 

The head of the foundation, Semir Osmanagic, or the Bosnian Indiana Jones as they call him, has accused his detractors of having spent the last year amending the law and increasing the protected zones on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun 98 times and making excavations on the pyramid impossible. 

“They are continuing to put pressure by threatening federal and cantonal ministries not to finance or cooperate with the foundation and its projects related to protection of the cultural legacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the foundation points out.