NOVEMBER 22 2008 14:22h

8-Year-Old Killer Could Be Freed





The Arizona boy killed his father and his fatherÂ’s friend. He could be freed until the case is studied more thoroughly.

An Arizona 8-year-old boy was arrested after he killed his father Vincent Romero, 29, and his friend Timothy Romans, 39. The whole case shocked the police as well as the prosecutorÂ’s office, especially due to the fact that there is a possibility the boy planned the murders.

But the county attorneyÂ’s office asked the indictment against the boy be dismissed, American media reported. The prosecution did not comment on the request, nor did the boyÂ’s lawyer, Benjamin Brewer. Attorney Mike Piccareta, who is not involved in the case, said accusations could be dropped for several reasons.

There are several reasons to drop the case, some factual, some legal. This would formally mean that the investigation must continue, Piccareta said.

At the time when the boy shot his father in the chest and the head, the other victim was talking to his wife on the terrace. The wife confirmed her husband had heard shots and muffled noises. RomansÂ’s wife said her husband heard the boy calling out for him after the gun shots. The eight-year-old then shot him in the chest.

8-Year-old Planned Murder of Father and Friend