NOVEMBER 28 2008 11:21h

1-Year-Old Girl Is Pregnant With Her Brother

A fetus




For the first time in the history of modern medicine, Saudi doctors have discovered a phenomenon: a 1-year-old girl is pregnant!

An incredible case was recorded in medical practice. A 1-year-old girl is pregnant, while doctors say this is the first such case in modern medicine. Arab media are now considering if abortion would be considered murder in this case.

It turns out that the girl` mother had two embryos while she was pregnant. One of the embryos started developing in the other child`s uterus. Although doctors declared this a unique case, there are several similar cases throughout history.

An Indian farmer (36) had the embryo of his twin brother removed. The man sought medical assistance after his swollen stomach started causing breathing problems. Doctors thought a tumour was in question, but they retrieved a human embryo.

In 2002, India doctors found a fetus inside a 6-month-old boy. The dead fetus, which was surgically removed, weighed a kilo, while the boy only weighed 6.5 kilos.

This anomaly, called an embryo inside an embryo, is rather rare. It happens once in 500,000 pregnancies. The phenomenon always occurs in the early pregnancy stages. As a rule, the fetuses die while still in the mother`s womb.

However, there are cases where he fetus survives the entire pregnancy, remains in the host`s body, trapped like a parasite.