SEPTEMBER 6 2008 14:03h

Rugby Club Knin Prepares For Match Against Sisak




This article was written by one of our readers, a citizen reporter.

Today I was passing through the city and I notice a poster on a pole that interested me a lot. A rugby club has existed in Knin for three years now. I did not know that even though I have been living here for thirteen years. Today on a lighting pole, I read the poster below and I was quite surprised.

-.--.-Rugby Club KninThe poster read “enrolment of new members”. In the old high school, there was only was smaller man in one room. When I introduced myself he gave a big smile, and after I asked him for an interview, he accepted with delight. From the interview I found out that he was the an assistant coach, and that the coach was a Croatian from New Zealand who was not there at the moment. I discovered that the club has existed for three years, but that they have not had many matches because there are few teams in that sport.

The lack of players was a chronic problem up until now, but this smiling, optimistic man expects more in the future.

Alan Moore is Irish, and he bought a house in Croatia six years ago and founded a company.

This man has been living in Croatia for six years now and is very happy. He has never seen a more beautiful country and Croatia is a homeland just as nice to him as Ireland is. He explains that this is a city of the future, and that it is as if the city was created for sports. There are many young Croatians there that could play an important role in the second league, which is of an international character, and is made up of clubs from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina. The strongest clubs in this league are the clubs Nada II from Split, Vilani from Rijeka and the clubs Sinj and Knin.

For now there are 13 registered players in the club.

Coach Moore explained that an additional ten are needed in order for the club to survive the competition. He hopes that todayÂ’s enrolment will fill that number. During my interview, two new members, and young people between 14 and 16 years of age talk about the sport a lot. Let us hope that Knin will soon become a source that produces young rugby players.

The club is in a good financial situation, and from next year they might enter the city budget.

The financial situation in the club is good and from that angle, Mr Moore does not expect any problems. The jerseys and equipment have recently arrived from Ireland. Also, the coach told us that a professional player from Ireland that once played for Oxford would be coming to Knin.

Rugby Club Knin's first match will be played on September 27, against Sisak in Sisak.

The championship will be starting soon, and the last preparations are talking place. Coach Moore is optimistic and expects new young people. He explained that Knin is the ideal place for this sport and that he will do anything to have a respectable club in Knin that could enter the first league. I was surprised when he said that his fellow countrymen read the English part of often.

He smiled whilst we were parting and praised the website.