MAY 27 2009 16:15h

PHOTO: Delta Rally Down Mountain to Pila

A sports car for the Croatia Delta Rally.


Press Conference ...


Last yearÂ’s winner Corrado Fontana announced his arrival at the 36th Croatia Delta Rally. A faster and more dangerous track awaits him.

Corrado Fontana from Italy, last yearÂ’s winner of the Croatia Delta Rally, has also announced his battle for this yearÂ’s victory, and will try to take the title in his Peugeot.

The ceremonial start of the rally is in front of ZagrebÂ’s Arena on May 28, and lasts until May 30. 44 teams have enrolled into the oldest and hardest, as well as the most popular automobile race in Croatia, of which 20 are from European countries.

This yearÂ’s rally is specific in the fact that the course has been changed, more precisely, the direction. This year drivers will drive downhill, instead of uphill.

“Now we will speed from the top, from Sljeme (peak of Medvednica Mountain), towards Pila which is near Stibicke Toplice, in Croatia’s Zagorje region, which will guarantee a far faster and more interesting drive” said Toni Klinc, the co-driver of Juraj Sebalj, who is a three time winner of the Croatia Delta Rally.

One the second day the course to be driven is Okic - Plesivica - Budinjak – Bundek, and the last day it will be Laz - Samci - Sljeme. The ceremonial entry past the finish line, and the award ceremony, is next to the Arena in Zagreb’s suburb of Laniste.

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