DECEMBER 12 2008 12:39h

Optimism For World Handball Ch., Despite Troubles

Croatian handball team




The same agency which damaged the audience for the Croatian football squad match with Ukraine is now threatening the handball championship.

The Wold Handball Championship will take place in 35 days` time and the preparations are in their final stage, which is a logical thing, because over 40 percent of tickets have already been sold and 1,278 credentials applications have been submitted.

However, there is a problem: the construction of the hall is late, as well as the funds paid by the cities.

- Over 2,500 people work for the World Championship, all local executive committees have been established and everything is in its final stage. But, we have a problem with the construction of the halls, which are late and we cannot test the object suiting. Also, there is a problem with financing the championship, we have to solve issues in the next few days: how much will the cities pay and how much will the Croatian Handball Association pay – said executive director Silvijo Njiric.

Late construction represents serious problemsIvana Magdić-.--.-The interior of Zagreb´s handball arena which is nearing completion.

The problems do not end here, because the Sportfive agency, which caused problems before the match of the Croatian football squad with Ukraine, demands a certain number of seats in the hall to be taken out, because this violates their needs for a VIP section.

- These are the demands of the Sportfive agency and we will meet them, but we will request the Handball Federation to compensate this for us. This issue will be solved in the next ten or so days – Njiric pointed out.

Although certain halls are 20 days late, there will not be any problems because every city will have a person who takes care of everything and understands everything to do with organising the championship. This so-called mentor will be available to the media, will take care of the volunteers and all other important issues.

As far as the matches of the Croatian team are concerned, they will not be played in the newly constructed halls before the championship, as it was planned, but the once against Russia will be played in the Arena hall on December 28.

Although the Croatian Handball Association faces many problems, together with the host cities, the organisers will take care of a hundred presidents of national federations, as well as thousands of fans. Such optimism is surely good news after all the negative things over the past month.

Njiric also pointed out that apart from the coaches` seminar, the championship will also host the doctors` seminar, which was not the case with previous championships, whether European or World.