JUNE 27 2008 07:39h

Fake Penis to Cheat Doping Test

Fake penis.




Professional sportsmen have different ways to cheat doping tests and they can even run with two penises. Agencies are trying to stop this.

World anti-doping organisations try everything they can to catch sportsmen with doping in their blood or urine. A few years ago, BALCO invented a recipe which started to be used only two years later, and in that time, many world records have been broken. Now, the situation is completely different, Doctor Bozidar Fuckar, a doping expert, told us. 

- All these substances are two years ahead of us, the best example is BALCO. We tip for new doping, and urine is frozen, so we can analyse two to five years later. Athletes have returned medals and money for this.

Besides advanced techniques, sportsmen also use primitive expedients. One of them is an artificial penis, in which they hide clear urine.

-.--.-- Not only once has someone tried to cheat on the doping commission and the laboratory. Also in our laboratory someone tried to swap urines and was punished for life. A same thing is done in other ways, through bottles, nylon bags and condoms.

As clever sportsmen can be, doctors find it easy to unmask such primitive methods. So they have introduced some rules on how to give samples.

- In more recent times, we have been trying to prevent cheating, so we must have the sportsmen almost naked so that they can not hide anything. According to the rules, they have to be naked from the armpits to their knees, and we have to be present during the urination and see where the urine comes out from.

The Croatian agency has been founded recently, and for the first time removed from the wing of the Olympic Committee. No they are under the state.

-.--.-- We have a new state agency, HADA, and we have a good structure of people, and now our quality is higher. The Croatian Anti-Doping Agency now is a state agency, while in the past years were part of the Croatian Olympic Committee. We are very well equipped and we will be more sever and firm that we have been until now.

The closer the Olympic Games are getting, the more there is for them to do. A good thing is that they do not have to work on B samples because there is no need to, they have all been negative until now.

- At the moment we have a pre-Olympic programme, always used before Olympic and Mediterranean Games, according to which everyone has to pass doping controls before the competitions. The second round is done during the competitions, and we did it at the Zlatni Medvjed. There was a lot of work for us. All 20 footballers were tested in Rovinj and they were all negative. We did tests on basketball and handball players, and we do them constantly on some individuals.

When asked how many Croatian sportsmen take doping, Fuckar could not give us a specific answer. However, he said, there has been a drop in the trend.

- Rarely you can find out when someone is caught, because we try to cover it up, as there are also other agencies which make tests. In our state there are three structures who work with the same purpose, so we do not have a precise record. Fortunately, there are not many of them, less than before.