APRIL 24 2009 17:09h

VIDEO: Indian Zoo Swelters in Heat Wave


Cooling measures help animals endure soaring temperatures at India's Arignar Anna Zoological Park.

Zoo keepers at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park in India are taking special cooling measures to guard their animals against the rising mercury.

The sweltering climate in the southern Chennai has made life difficult for people and zoo residents alike.

This April, a heat wave has rolled over the region with temperatures reaching beyond 40 degrees Celsius.

Twice a day, the zoo keepers give the animals a cold shower to overcome the scorching heat.

- So being the summers watering to animals is priority for our management. Our people are requested to provide water to animal sheds both morning and evening to minimize the temperature level which will be congenial for animals – said a biologist at the zoo.

Visitors say they are glad the cooling action helps the animals stand the heat.

- We came to zoo for a summer holiday. It's very hot here and we are happy to see that the authorities are spraying water on animals and are providing them cool foods like watermelon. We want to come again and again – one of the visitors to the zoo said.

While the animals get a break from the soaring temperatures, the visitors yet have to find a way to beat the heat.

See the video: Indian Zoo Swelters in Heat Wave