FEBRUARY 5 2008 19:51h

VIDEO: Full Brazilian Wax


Do you wax your bikini line, but do not dare to take it all the way?

If you thought hair removal was invented in the modern age, imposed on women by men, you were wrong. A long time ago, Egyptian women removed hair from their bodies and did not stop at their legs of arm pits. Even today, women in the Middle East believe hair removal is a part of everyday hygiene. They start at an early age, therefore it becomes a routine for them.

In most societies, leg and bikini waxes are common, more or less, while most women still fear the so called Brazilian wax. Two most common reasons for this are fear of pain and discomfort as a stranger is “fiddling” with your private parts. As far as the pain goes, the same rule is applied as for leg waxing – it really hurts the first time, but you get used to it and it becomes a regular beauty treatment. To women who are ashamed, we can say it`s like going to the gynaecologistÂ’s – you haven`t got anything the beautician hasn't seen before. Of course, there are people who believe they simply do not need a bikini wax as it does not satisfy their needs. Anyway, this sort of a treatment is something to undergo exclusively if you want it. Reasons such as, it will make me more desirable to men and my friend talked me into it are not the real reasons. We have to point out that a Brazilian wax is not reserved for women only, some men have it too. Yes, those who act in porn films, cynics will say.

What is a Brazilian wax?

“Take it all the way” gets a new meaning when we discuss Brazilian waxing. A Brazilian wax is a hair style for the intimate area, i.e. hair removal from that area with wax and strips. The wax is usually applied with a spatula and taken off with a fast jerk, against the direction of hair growth. With most types of this hair removal method, a small line of pubic hair is left and if absolutely all hair is removed, the term full Brazilian wax is used. Modern practise has reached us all the way from, you guessed it, Brazil. Interestingly enough they have no special term for it in Brazil, they simply call it a wax.

Take a look HERE to see what a Brazilian wax looks like.

What you have to keep an eye for?

You must ask around about the beauty parlour which you are planning to go to. Check if they follow safety precautions, meaning the person who does the wax must wear gloves, disinfect the surface you lie on and never put wax twice on the same strip. Otherwise, you might leave the parlour with a yeast infection or something worse.

To make things easier for you, we have contacted the “Pcelarska centrala”  parlour (meaning Bee Central). Natural wax is used, which is thrown away after usage, as well linen strips and the surface where hair removal is performed is wiped and disinfected. The parlour owner told us she has never experienced negative reactions and that most women come back after trying a Brazilian wax for the first time. They are most eager during the summer when the parlour is booked up due to preparations for the seaside.

Few women have sensitive skin and have a reaction to a wax, but it usually calms down after a day or two. They have no male customers – the feedback was poor, the owner says.

So, suck it up and venture out for a Brazilian wax.