DECEMBER 12 2007 18:56h

VIDEO: Bizarre Animal Intercourse


During the mating of bees, his penis explodes inside the female, and then he dies.

In order to get somebody into bed, we are prepared to do many things. Women change the colour of their hair, buy makeup and clothing. They undergo painful treatments of removing unwanted hair, they sweat at treatments, pay a lot of money for liposuctionÂ…

The human races goes even further. In order to delight somebody, we learn foreign languages, read encyclopaedias, tell jokes, practice smiles in front of the mirror, buy expensive cars and get into debt.

All of that for a bit of hanky-panky and maybe a bit of love.

We asked ourselves what animals are prepared to do for intercourse and how they do it.

Sex to the death

Scientists claim that the sex life of bees is very fascinating. The queen bee is selectively bred in a special “cell”, and like a princess, is fed the best food and awaits her sexual maturity.

A virgin bee that lives to adulthood, without getting killed by its competition, will mate with at least twelve males.

Now we come to the most interesting part of the process in the mating of bees. During mating, the maleÂ’s  penis explodes inside her, and he dies.

This all happens to make sure that this particular male bee is the only one who mates with the female. It seems that these males are very jealous and possessive.

Love through the stomach

We have heard the saying that love comes through the stomach. But it seems that mother nature has taken the saying literally, because the green spider follows this principle to the letter.

When the male green spider is ready for mating, he will catch his prey, and wrap it in silk.

He will offer this meal to his potential partner in exchange for fertilising her eggs. It seems that the male is a real romantic, and whilst she is busy with her food, he gets busy doing what he has been waiting for.

Collective masturbation

The Bonobo, also called Dwarf Chimpanzee, spend all of their lives in sexual activities. They use it instead of arguing or fighting, but also as a way of greeting one another and thanking for food.

Besides humans, they are the only animals that have oral pleasure, kiss with their tongues and masturbate in a group, everyone with everyone, regardless of gender.

When the female wears the pants in a relationship

Hyenas are specific in that the females are a lot larger, stronger and more aggressive than the males. The female hyenas are also specific for the fact that they have a pseudo-penis. It is really an enlarged clitoris that they can control to get an erection. They use the same pseudo-penis to mate, as well as give birth.

Moonwalk for a mate

The manakin bird decorates tropical forests in central and south America with its beauty, and feeds on fruit, berries and insects. The male of this bird is a great dancer, and uses his skill to attract females.

His best dance is the moonwalk, and is does it even better than Michael Jackson. If you want to see what it looks like, take a look at the VIDEO.

Sexual cannibalism

There is also sexual cannibalism in the animal world, and it is practiced by the praying mantis.

The male praying mantis sometimes spends a few hours attracting the female, and seeking a good moment for action. After all of his trouble, the love game ends violently. If something is not to her liking, the female simply quickly snaps his head off and feeds herself.