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SEPTEMBER 13 2008 14:42h

Varteks Celebrates 90th Birthday and 100 Mln Suit


Croatian fashion company Varteks has celebrated its 90 th birthday, looking back on its history.

Leading Croatian fashion company Varteks has celebrated its 90 th birthday at the Varazdin Croatian National Theatre with over 200 attendants who enjoyed a dance-fashion performance called “100,000,000 stories” and a performance by Natali Dizdar.

The event was attended by the envoy of the Croatian President, Amir Muharemi and numerous -.--.-Vartekseconomists and friends of Varteks, along with some 30 members of the International Association of European Designers. Including designers of brands Zegna, Gianfranco Ferre, Linea YSL, Versace etc. Varteks CEO Zoran Kosces addressed everyone present, followed by Lino Banfi, president of the International Association of European Designers and head advisor for Versace classic design.

Performance “100,000,000 stories” displayed the company`s history and its role in the life of the city of Varazdin and its citizens, the development and today`s position of the Croatian fashion leader. National ballet champion Almira Osmanovic was part of the performance, which also displayed a collection of the same name, “100,000,000 stories” and a jubilee 100 millionth suit, after which the collection was named.

The presented collection is a combination of the company`s knowledge, quality and tradition. The finest of fabrics ever used in Varteks were used to make the suits, from wool to silk, while the coats were made from pure cashmere. The collection` s exclusive feature was additionally emphasised with specially designed buttons, labels, linings and details which give personality to every individual garment as well as the person that wears it. Apart from men`s suits and coats, the “100,000,000 stories” included shorts, ties and belts. Lino Banfi is the designer.

-.--.-Varteks celebrates 90 th birthday and 100 millionth suitZoran Koscec expressed pride and satisfaction with the company`s long-standing tradition and the fact that Varteks has been a synonym for fashion in the area for nearly a century.

- The fashion market is developing fast, fashion trends change and foundation for success in such conditions is continuous adjustment of business. The fact that Varteks is successful at it is evident from our business results which get better and better with each year. Upgrading our own brands, introducing world brands into the retail-sale network and defining a new, more modern concept of the sale space is the basis of the new Varteks fashion concept – Koscec said.