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MARCH 29 2008 12:09h

PHOTO: Stunning Legs In Pantyhose




Pantyhose and stockings go perfectly with skirts and dresses of various lengths. Pick out what suits you and show off your legs.

Apart from hot summer months, when cherished legs are all you need to walk around in skirts and dresses, girls and women have a wide range of pantyhose all year round, when they can proudly show off their legs.

When the hem of skirts and dresses started rising in the early 1930s, women began showing off their legs, which were covered in available silk stockings and later on stockings made from nylon, supported by garters.

Roughly, at the same time when short skirts, popularly known as miniskirts, began ruling the fashion world, Glen Raven Mills company introduced pantyhose to the world in 1959 - seamless nylon stockings with panties. As mini-skirts became very popular, women started wearing pantyhose more and more, seeing them as more convenient because, unlike nylon stockings, there is no fear of seams showing. By the end of the decade, pantyhose had almost replaced nylon stockings entirely.

Seduce with your sexy legs

Still, they have not disappeared, but women started wearing them for erotic purposes, as a means of seductions, while many believe stockings contribute to sexual spontaneity and sex aside, women find it easier and faster to use the toilet.

Over the years, they were joined by pantyhose without the panty part, which are, if you can find -.-vogue-.-those that don`t squeeze your legs too hard, much more practical than classic pantyhose that need the support of garters and can be equally seductive.

Rest of the time, when they don`t deal with seduction, women will reach for pantyhose. With time, their selection grew and pantyhose are now available in various levels of transparency, including completely non-transparent ones. Colours and patterns are also numerous and all playful girls and women can toy, matching them with the rest of their outfits. For those more prone to classics, we have black pantyhose which have their advantages: they visually make the legs seem slimmer and provide elegance to the look.

Although most girls wear jeans now, pantyhose, which slowly became unfashionable at the beginning of the 1990s, are back in, at the start of the 21 ct. Especially the thicker ones, which are common on members of the female sex.

The spring is here and just the perfect time for all the ladies to renew their supplies of pantyhose and finally strip off those trousers which they have spent the entire winter in.

You can see female legs in out PHOTOGALLERY.