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MARCH 2 2009 08:22h

PHOTO: New Miss Universe Is Sarah Cosic


The judges, including designer Jimmy Baldinini, judged every exit and their points were added to the votes of viewers.

A bleak day in Croatia’s Opatija was made more cheerful by the Miss Universe Croatia pageant in which Sarah Cosic won, while her runners-up were Tamara Mehremovic and Katarina Banic. The new miss received a Mitsubishi Colt for use and a reward of 10,000 kuna. She told Javno she was outstandingly happy for having won. 

PHOTO: New Miss Universe is Sarah Cosic

PHOTO: Girls Prepare to Battle for Miss Universe

- I’m still shaking, I’m very excited, this is something great. It will take me two days to become fully aware of what just happened – Sarah from Split said. She is a 20-year-old student of economy. She says she does not know yet what she will spend her reward money on.

After she was asked by the judges what she would prefer: a masseur, a chef, a cleaning lady or a driver for a year, she said she would want a masseur because she knows how to do the other things.

The first runner up, 19-year-old Katarina Banic from Trilj, said she registered for the pageant to gain a new experience and that she was sorry for not having won.Tin Banić-.--.-

- I’m sorry the victory evaded me, but that’s the way it is and being the first runner-up is great success- I registered for the pageant for new experiences and I am not disappointed with the turn out of events – Katarina told us.

Last year’s winner Snjezana Loncarevic was glad to hand over her crown to the young Sarah and said she was happy to have had the honour to enjoy the title of Miss Universe for a year.

- This was the best year of my life and I will remember it fondly. I went to the world pageant in Vietnam and I also travelled to the Unite States, Italy and France and I also got a car just because I’m beautiful – Snjezana said and told the girls they need to smile because smiling does not cost anything.

Twenty girls registered for the pageant and half of them dropped out after their first presentation. The attractive candidates that went on to compete went on to show themselves in their best light, in swimsuits, causing cheers from the audience. The male part of the audience especially sighed at the dark-haired Petra Tomsic whose voluptuous breasts stood out.

The men in the audience were thrilled by the girls in swimsuits 

- My God, this one’s excellent – said a gentleman from the audience. Of the rest of the girls, Jelena Danona also stood out as she felt excellent walking the catwalk, which was very evident, as well as Katarina Banic, the tallest and biggest of all the girls.

The judges, including designer Jimmy Baldinini, judged every exit and their points were added to the votes of viewers.

During the pageant, elected were also Miss Style, Lina Miletic, Miss Photogenic was Jelena Bozic, while Miss Congeniality was Ivana Krsic.