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MAY 12 2008 08:59h

PHOTO: Former Yugoslavia’s Most Beautiful Women




Famous Croatian fashion photographer who has worked with supermodels Naomi and Linda presented his monograph ‘Eye for Beauty’.

One of the most famous Croatian photographers, Ivan Balic Cobra, has presented he monograph called ‘Oko za ljepotu’ (‘eye for beauty’). Along with the artist stood his muses from different ages whose photographs were placed in a hard binding from 1970 up until today. His models have broken the borders of former Yugoslavia: Nisa Marovic, fashion designers Leonarda Boban, Vanja Govorko,-.-Ivan Balić Cobra-.- Suzana Mancic, whose front page on playboy was sold out, Cobra’s former lover Nina Gazibara, who was too nervous to give out pragmatic comments. Although the photographer has worked with Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Slavic Ecclestone, these models were not included in last night’s exhibition. The former student of the Zagreb School of Applied Art and Design unfortunately did not arrange a musical point of heavy rock.  

- They eye likes a beautiful woman, and the heart likes a good woman. The first one is a jewel, the second treasure – is Cobra’s motto. Take a look at PHOTO GALLERY 1 and PHOTO GALLERY 2 – you will be surprised too see how Ivan immortalised Vlatka Pokos.

From the introduction by Miljenko Jergovic: 

Cobra was never a photographer of drastic sceneries. He avoided photographing bloody scenes, on his photographs you will not find anger, rage and mass movements. However, if you take a better look at the pages of this book, you we manage to place Cobra’s photographs in the time they appeared, we will notice in which direction they record, with an almost shocking precision, the social moment in which they were made. We could almost say we can see the things his beauties had seen in the days and months before they were immortalised by Cobra’s -.-Ivan Balić Cobra-.-camera. There, that impression, that spirit of time from starting centre spreads, from fashion reviews and photographs for calendars, are the confirmation of how precisely and persistently this photographer achieved the narrow space of his creation. What could be too narrow to someone, would be totally fine to him.

Ivan Balic Cobra was one of the pioneers of Croatian rock music. He played at the time when everything was only fun and joy, at the time when rock’n’roll was a provocation to the sullen and serious ideals of the time. That was a time when the they fought eternity through fugacity, a time when hedonism was opposed to revolutionary ideas. Actually, there was not opposition then, but the others, those who were against, thought that the youth opposed to someone. Something of that verve and ease, of that eternal youth of early rock seem to have remained in Cobra’s photographer eye. He did not want to load the united picture of the world with nothing ugly or heavy. This book shows how people were beautiful once.