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NOVEMBER 8 2007 09:53h

PHOTO: Fashion Is Ruled By Male Homosexuals


Looking for a needle in a stack of hay, we attempted to understand the beautiful mind of fashion designers` creativity.

It is widely known that male designers rule female fashion, but it is even more known that the fashion designer world is quite gay in its essence. We are not talking about condemning sexual orientation, but pure facts. Competent followers of fashion know that this impulse towards aesthetics plays a large role in life. Why does gay culture rule the fashion world? We have searched for the answers from several expert angles.

Men – revolutionaries in women`s closets

Collaborator of many fashion magazines and PR of Midiken fashion agency Grgo Zecic brings us his opinion on the complex topic of traumas, aesthetics and gay rulers of the fashion industry. He points out that the answer to such a question is extremely complicated and he personally believes that seeking a final conclusion would be quite dilettante:

- The issue of homosexuals in any profession, especially in the fashion industry, cannot be generalised. What we can do is notice precise facts connected with men and the fashion world. The first thing I can think of is the power and history of male understanding of female aesthetics in a line of fashion designers who have marked the modern development of fashion and the origin of high fashion. They are pioneers like Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, Pierre Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent… Dior is the father of the “new look”. Yves Saint Laurent toyed with male and female fashion, he dressed women in men`s suits… We are talking about revolutionaries who have changed women`s closets – Grgo says.

Alfa in the shape of Venus

As a well-known fact, he states that female fashion was most marked by male designers and that the larger part were not homosexuals or bisexuals (some have come out while others have always kept quiet about it or reluctantly spoke of it, like Valentino). Fashion expert Grgo came across astonishing revelations upon studying biographies and the work of fashion designers:

- Periods early in life and during creative development of many famous designers included an important role of women: designer Lanvina Alber Elbaz lost his father at an early age and he was raised by his mother (Spanish artist), the similar situation happened with Stefano Pilati, who never knew his father. Furthermore, Azzedine Alaia was supported by his sister, but Jean-Paul Gaultier was mostly influenced by his grandmother, a nurse who was obsessed with corsets and avant-garde clothes. Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford were also influenced by their mothers (Ford was given his first designer loafers by his mother at the age of 13). Therefore, all of them have pointed out the strong influence of women on their development. Hence the roots of exquisite understanding of the female aestheticism, therefore women`s minds – Zecic explains.

Artists themselves can know that the burden of creativity/genius is quite difficult, Grgo claims:

- With their creative forces, mentioned persons have changed the face of fashion, which is art, but also a job over 100 billion US dollars worth per year. Often, many have admitted that creativity is a difficult burden that brings emotional instability and insecurity. From an early age, most of them were visionaries, therefore misunderstood by their environment, often bullied. They were surrounded with powerful women, they were thinking about women, they understood the minds of women. Perhaps the result of all this was a subconscious desire for security and stability which they can only find in men – concludes fashion expert Grgo Zecic.

Life in the circle of women

Therefore, childhood trauma has become the environment of fashion designers in which they are still living through designing for women. As dominatrixes because in the end, it is women who wear their designs.

- The main predictor is the fact that they are constantly in a female world, so they create for the female world. This is a social-psychological predictor, them being in the female world. Hence, there is high risk of developing their style of behaviour in that direction where it is not manifested as a disease but a sexual choice, which is reformed as a predictor. This is their circle which they are still present in – claims vice president of the Croatia Association of Psychiatrists, head of the Psychiatry Clinic KBC Rijeka, doc. Dr. sc. Dzulijano Ljubicic, after we have introduced him to the details from the lives of Jean Paul Gaultier and Stefano Pilati.

Fashion designers as a mirror to a women`s souls

To the question why most fashion designers are gay, Dalibor Stanic, one of the Centre for the rights of sexual and gender minorities co-ordinators, was witty: I don`t know why. I`ve thought about it many times. In everyday life professional chefs are men, while women cook for them at home-.

Anyway, Lagerfeld`s little dress is close to any woman`s heart. It breaks her body and emphasises her femininity. What else is necessary? Gay or not, he knows how to recognise and accentuate a woman`s sex appeal. Why does he go to bed with men? Let us simply look for an explanation form a professional point of view: “It`s his own business”!

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