JUNE 17 2009 17:27h

Mister Croatia For Mister World Wanted


The Mister Croatia for Mister World has not been held for three years. We present you three candidates who are competing.

While the Miss World pageant is held every year, which is something especially the male part of the population enjoys, we have not had the opportunity of seeing the Mister World pageant for the past three years. This year, the world will again have a Mister.-.--.-

As Mister Croatia was chosen every year, regardless of the Mister World not being held at all, the pageant`s Direction has faced a dilemma, because there are three Croatian misters who have the right to compete for the title of the most handsome man in the world. Mister Croatia for 2007 was Alen Kostelac (21 at the time).

Alen was persuaded by a friend to apply and became the most desired man in Croatia. Soon after the competition, Alen disappeared from the public, because he prefers to be behind the camera as far as show business goes. Alen was a professional volleyball player in the first league club Sisak and he worked as a music engineer.

Muster Bubi in 2008Ivana Magdić-.--.-

Alen handed over the Mister Croatia title to Dino Bubicic in 2008, who was far more represented in the media during his “reign”. Immediately after the pageant, information leaked in the public that Bubi was in prison for pushing drugs, as well as that he allegedly beat his mother. His relationship with singer and TV host Vlatka Pokos was covered for a while, as well as his alleged homosexual preferences, denied by his mother, who said that Vlatka made the whole thing up.

Mister Scandal showed his good side during his three-month stay in the “Farm” reality show, where he gained many fans, who concluded that he is a hard-working and decent young man.

Bruno Oreskovic is 2009 Mister Croatia-.--.-

Just before this year`s pageant, Dino said that he was sorry to give away his title, and despite the media lynch, he would do it all over again. However, he handed over the belt to student Bruno Oreskovic, 2009 Mister Croatia.

His biggest “scandal” came out of a joke: he enlisted being in a relationship with a male friend on his Facebook account. He told us that he broke off a two-year attachment just before the pageant and is single again.

Readers of the Javno website and visitors of the Sanamens modelling agency website will have the opportunity of voting for their favourite candidate who will represent Croatia at the Mister World pageant.