JUNE 6 2008 10:11h

Mass `Intercourse Party` the Japanese Way




The largest group intercourse in the world was organised in Japan. The couplesÂ’ movements were perfectly harmonised and taped.

Those who see the Japanese as closed and cold people, without any tendency to show passion and emotions, might have been surprised then it was the Japanese who set the world record in the largest `mass sexual intercourse`.

They placed 250 men and the same number of women in a warehouse where the ‘mass sexual intercourse’ took place. The event was filmed and photographed by professionals and the film can be found on the Internet.

That the Japanese are excellent organisers and like everything to be coordinated was proven the organisation of this mass sexual intercourse. The movements of the couples were strictly harmonised and arranged by the organisers.

What is a mass sexual intercourse? 

Although we all think we know what orgies are, most of us get in wrong in mixing up orgies and group sex.

Group sex is sexual games between three people but also several couples in a swinger relationship, meaning exchanging partners. Orgies include many more people in sexual games with all the participants. Orgies are still a taboo and those who practice it do so in trusted circles of people and rather discretely. But this was not always like that.

When it comes to orgies, there is no doubt that civilisations have receded. At least in comparison to antique Greece and Rome. Still, these were not the first civilisations in which mass sexual intercourse was practiced. Orgies existed in most pagan cultures and were practiced publicly and as such were accepted by society. Contrary to todayÂ’s orgies whose purpose was sexual pleasure, the past ones had a deeply religious meaning and celebrated the cult of fertility.

Sex and religion Greece, orgies occurred with the development of the Bakha god, better known as Deionises, who was the symbol of all human bodily urges connected with drinking, eating, aesthetics and sex. Ogries were especially acceptable during celebrations for Bakha.

The celebrations included dancing, singing, playing instruments, enjoying food and drinks and also unresisting the urge to have sexual relations as will. The Romans celebrated bodily pleasures in the same way.

The fact is that people are attracted to unbridled sexuality and that there is something wild in orgies. But back then orgies had a ‘higher meaning’ and were part of a religious system of a certain civilisation, while in the modern world their only purpose is gratification of lust. Still, as civilisations change, as does the way of life, it seems that the people’s tendency to practice or at least fantasise about orgies transcends all the changes.