JULY 18 2009 15:20h

How Do Women Fake Virginity?


Many years ago virginity was very respected, and men would show the honour of having a wife by showing the bloody sheets.

The writer Pierre Bourdeille de Brantome wrote in his novel “Life of a Lover” wrote: “How better to sell the story of virginity than to wet the sheets with pigeon’s blood…. The next day the husband would see that and would be proud and convinced that it is the blood of his wife.

Many years ago virginity was very respected, especially in pre-arranged marriages, when rich husbands would brag to his friends by hanging out bloody sheets on the window.

This was proof that the woman was a virgin and that there was action on the first wedding night. There would be problems is the woman was poorly developed and flexible, which means that there would not be any bleeding.

This would cause the husband to be certain that the woman was lying about her virginity and problems and misunderstandings would occur. 15 percent of women do not bleed when losing their virginity.

Virginity in the past, and today

Because virginity was once very important for women, young women would come up with numerous tricks to trick their new husbands. One of those tricks included animal blood which the woman would keep under the bed, and would pour it on the sheets after sex. Another trick was a gallium solution, which would contract the vagina and achieve a similar effect as in virgins.

Today virginity is not as prestige as it once was, at least in developed parts of the world. However, some men are still proud of the fact that they were the first with their loved one, that they took their virginity on their wedding night, and that nobody touched her before.

This is why women have found ways to hide that fact that they have been sexually active. Considering that we are in the 21st century, the tricks with blood or gallium would be really funny. Today a modern trick is to visit a surgeon who successfully turns a ‘blossomed’ vagina into an untouched flower. All for virginity, all for the perfect lie on the first night of marriage.