APRIL 15 2008 21:02h

Furries Love the Flavour of Furry Intercourse




This fetish appeared 25 years ago and since then it has been spreading, of courts, thanks to internet and online communication.

Animal intercourse is a phrase which most couples use to describe an uncontrolled wave of passion which is led to fast and intensive jamming of sheets without any tenderness, preliminaries of pedigree. But for a precise percentage of humanity, this phrase has a completely different meaning.

-.-youtube-.-Their nicknames are ‘furries’, ‘furs’ or ‘furverts’. They are still underground and their work, gathering and communication are actually exclusively connected to the internet.

We are talking about people with one sexual fetish in common, related to anthropomorphic, manlike animals. They are attracted to animal characters from cartoons, comic books, videogames or science-fiction.

What do furries dream of?

Each furry has its own internal persona, which of course has an animal form. They like to dress up as one, they love other people dressed in animal costumes and they dream of animal intercourse in the literal meaning of the phrase. Apart from liking to dress up as animals, they also love to behave as such. They cut, scratch each other, bite, climb on one another and make animal noises.

This fetish appeared 25 years ago and since then it has been spreading, of courts, thanks to internet and online communication.

-.-youtube-.-The costume gives a special charm

Most of the furries admit that the difference in intercourse with or without costumes is enormous. In costumes they feel freer, they have not inhibition and sputter with self-confidence. Experts say that furry actually means a kind of return to our animal roots and that for this reason, a precise number of people have tendency to this fetish. After all, a big part of our DNA is still primate.

Annual furries conventions

However, there are annual conventions where furries gather. Califur is a convention where furries have gathered since 2004. It is held in South California, and a particular honour is given to artists, costume designers or writers who in some way helped to improve the furries-community.

Further Confusion is the largest international convention which celebrates anthropomorphic animals and their lovers. It is attended by about 2,000 people, but the number is continuously growing. Apart from socialising, furries fetishists are offered educational seminars, artistic exhibitions and similar.

Fun and sweetness

-.-youtube-.-- Furry creature is anthropomorphic, where human and animal characteristics are both present. It can be physical, mental or both. They can be funny or serious – say the organisers of Further Confusion on their pages.

The sexual concept in which human and animal features are mixed is actually nothing new. Every ancient civilisation had some form of such sexuality. It starts from the time of ancient Greece, a sexologist from the San Francisco University, Midoli, wrote in his book ‘Wild Side Sex: The book of Kink’.

Behind fur, whiskers and claws, there actually are people who love intercourse with some flavour.