MARCH 18 2012 23:21h

24-pound tumor misdiagnosed as pregnancy


BARCELONA, Spain, March 18 (UPI) -- A Barcelona, Spain, woman she she is taking legal action against a hospital that misdiagnosed her 24-pound uterine tumor as a late-term pregnancy.

The woman, whose name has not been released, went to the emergency room suffering from excruciating abdominal pain, where she says she was "treated with contempt," she told ThinkSpain.

She alleges doctors quipped, "Haven't you ever heard of contraception?" and told her she was in the advanced stages of pregnancy, chalking her pains up to a panic attack. After two negative pregnancy tests, she returned to the hospital and urged doctors to examine her further.

When she was finally given an ultrasound, she told ThinkSpain, "the doctor said, 'Gosh, what a huge cyst." She is now undergoing chemotherapy, and has opened a case with the patients' ombudsman.