MARCH 22 2013 13:35h

Unemployment record high in decade




The registered unemployment rate in February stayed the same as in January, 21.9 per cent, the highest in the last ten years, the State Bureau of Statistics said on Friday.

Five macroeconomists polled by Hina predicted that February's unemployment could rise to 22.1 per cent after the Croatian Employment Office reported that 375,400 jobless were registered with at the end of February, up 0.9 per cent on the month.

The 21.9 per cent unemployment rate is the highest since July 2002, when it was 22 per cent, as a result of years of recession, the bankruptcy or restructuring of many companies but also structural problems such as a disproportion between supply and demand on the labour market, according to the macroeconomists polled by Hina. (Hina)