MARCH 19 2012 15:13h

Canada selects submarine escape suits


LONDON, March 19 (UPI) -- The Survitec Group of Britain reports the Canadian navy has issued a single-source tender for its MK11 Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment.

"We are extremely proud to supply our Submarine Escape and Immersion Equipment to the (Canadian navy)," said Chris Pugh-Bevan, Submarine Escape and Survival manager at Survitec Group.

We will continue to focus our research and design efforts into SEIE to ensure we maintain our status as world leaders."

The SEIE MK 11 escape suits are an upgrade to the RFD Beaufort MK10 equipment now in use. It allows free ascent from a stricken submarine and provides protection from hypothermia for the submariner on the surface. Components of the suit include an internal thermal liner and gas-inflated single-seat life raft.

With the suit, a sailor can travel toward the surface at a safe rate of about 6-9 feet a second from a depth of about 600 feet.

Survitec said that it is also supplying the Canadian navy will training suits.