JUNE 18 2007 19:45h

Zuroff Protests Because Of Ustasha Symbols


The Simon Wiesenthal Centre voiced its disgust of the mass showing of Fascist salutes, symbols and uniforms at ThompsonÂ’s concert.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre from Jerusalem stated in a letter to the Croatian president, Stjepan Mesic, its shock and disgust at the “mass showing of Fascist salutes, symbols and uniforms at the rock concert of the ultra naturalist Croatian singer, Thompson”, at which there were 60,000 people present on Sunday in Zagreb.

The director of the centre, Efraim Zuroff, in a letter to Mesic, asked for the ban of concerts by singers like Thompson, at which Fascism and racism is celebrated.

According to the Croatian media, the concert turned into a massive Fascist demonstration, in which tens of thousands of people shouted the Ustasha salute “Za dom spremni”. Besides that, a large number of participants wore Ustasha uniforms and symbols”, it says in Zuroff’s letter.

Zuroff also voiced his concern for the fact that the concert was visited by high Croatian officials, parliamentarians, as well as “the minister of science, education and sport”.

“Under those circumstances, I consider that the time has come to ban public concerts of those who sing nostalgic songs about Jasenovac and encourage the emphasis of Ustasha symbols”, added Zuroff. He also said that this is against all national minorities in Croatia.

“I believe that only if somebody with your stature and antifascist reputation started the fight against this ugly wave of renewed Fascism, it could stop that very dangerous trend from catching onto all of Croatia”, it says in Zuroff’s letter to the Croatian president.