APRIL 27 2012 23:05h

Zagreb County helps entrepreneurs

Euro bills and coins




Zagreb County called all the towns and local councils in the area to apply for 3.3 mil HRK financial help for motivating the foundation and development of entrepreneurs┬ĺ areas. The deadline for application is the 15th of May, 2012.

The financial help will be given for projects and other documentation for the area. It will be given for purchasing the land for forming the entrepreneurs┬ĺ zone, clearing the land and the surrounding area, constructing the infrastructure and for the necessary equipment. The financial help is meant for the needs of entrepreneurs according to the program of foundation and development.

The towns and local councils can use the funds only for the purposes that were determined in the contract. All the towns and councils are called to send their demands with complete documentation until the 15th of May, 2012.

Zagreb County has been giving the money for the development of entrepreneurs┬ĺ zones in the area since 2001. The total amount of the money was more than 28 mil HRK. (Mediaservis)