MARCH 24 2009 11:38h

Youngest Mother in Croatia Gives Birth to Twins





At the age of only 13, the young Roma woman gave birth to two girls. The birth was without complications.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – The youngest mother in Croatia gave birth to twins at the age of 13. Underage S.A., a Roma girl, gave birth to her two daughters at the Merkur Hospital in Zagreb on Monday. 

According to sources from the nursery ward, both girls are healthy and the birth was without complications, despite the fact that the mother is still just a girl herself.

Underage pregnancies 

Too few sexually active teenagers in Croatia use contraception. Only one in four adolescent girls is on the pill and only one in three goes to the gynaecologist, while eight percent of boys visit the urologist.

According to data of the Croatian Institute for Public Health, around 2,000 underage women aged from 15 to 19 give birth in Croatia every year, including seven underage girls younger than 15. In the history of Croatian hospitals, only one case of a 13-year-old giving birth has been registered, but S.A. will be registered as the youngest.

Out of the 4,733 legal abortions, 414 cases were girls aged 14 to 19. The numbers of teenage pregnancies and abortions are not increasing, nor are they decreasing.