MARCH 13 2012 22:11h

Why it is easier to imagine world to end than different production process?




Why it is easier to imagine the end of the world, planetary ecological catastrophe, than (necessarily) different production process? - this is the question of Frederic Jameson, famous philosopher of postmodernism. He predicted that the matter of social development will become more important than regular economic growth supported by design. Dejan Krsic, our popular theorist of design and visual communications is discussing the matter of design process within that question presenting a great platform for the 11th ZGRAF that will begin on 15th of March in five different Zagreb institutions. The subject of our most prominent exhibition of graphic design was presented by a riddle ''Today was yesterday being future'' and it will be illustrated by grand exhibition that will be opened in the exhibition this Tuesday with around 200 projects. The team of the 11th ZGRAF presented those projects yesterday at the press conference in the chambers of their top organization ULUPUH.

It is clear that the Museum of modern art will present independent exhibition of the winner of Grand-prix 10th ZGRA, famous Swiss designer, passionate fan of jazz and manager Niklaus Troxler. We will be able to hear about the list of great exhibitions from the international jury. They will have an attractive educational program and a real treat is off-program with indie electro sound...