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APRIL 13 2012 23:18h

Vladimir Seks - new threats and old bugs




When someone decides to report to media about being exposed to threats, as the Parliamentary deputy spokesman Vladimir Seks did, it can only mean he doesn't trust to the protection of authority services as he wants to activate informal levels of security. Vladimir Seks claims he even received gun threats, and after he spent years under the protection of state security guards, his case returned to a phase of security estimation. Some people might say Seks is contriving and drawing attention to him, and that the main state attorney Bajic also walks down the streets without protection, but it's hard to imagine the ministry of interior ignoring such report and taking responsibility for security of the Parliamentary official. It's especially hard to imagine Ranko Ostojic, as a former head of police once, ignoring the report so his statement about Vladimir Seks' threats being analyzed and his secure position being re-estimated, actually is reasonable.

Unlike Ivan Jarnkak, let's say, who spent years exposed as the minister of interior, Seks has mostly sped his influence from a shadow. But people knew about fields of his influence, from parts of Slavonia back in war, to staff management on the national level within the justice system. Vladimir Seks has always been powerful somehow, and Tudjman didn't like that. Sanader didn't like it either, so they both tried to constrain Seks's power or at least step aside from a situation. But Seks has never been an unimportant political figure, as the one no one can stumble on or a person who has no one to displease.

Things have changed for the first time when HDZ presided by Jadranka Kosor lost the election, and Seks along with Kosor, missed to notice new changes in streams of the party. Tired from being imposed to authority, HDZ members have started to open themselves and talk more honestly. Seks acted like he didn't notice he can't play from his position anymore since the society has decomposed to a series of independent parts. Same as Jadranka Kosor, he didn't realize it is time for his withdrawal, or at least he should have drawn back to a second row and realized there is no appropriate position for his generation in the first row.

Seks's secure position is a certain combination of tails from the past and the present, tense atmosphere in HDZ, he contributed to - as first, when he set demands that HDZ should run Jadranka Kosor as the only candidate for the presidential position in the party, and then, when he pushed away all aspirants for that position together with Kosor. The same day he decided to confess to media about the threats he receives, Seks has been ''flattered'' by Andrija Hebrang in a certain way. Furthermore Hebrang publicly marked Seks as an UDBA associate. Even though Hebrang claims that the qualification was given for unauthorized interview (to a foreign journalist), Seks can easily say that there is a hunt initiated against him. Like he has, before the parliamentary election 2003, allegedly stood in front of the camera while having a spy listening device. However, this ''bug '' eventually didn't turn out to be so sophisticated device.

And even then, Seks started to notice he can benefit from a position of being a victim. But times have changed. He will still have a physical protection provided with money of taxpayers. But he has no one to talk to relating a political shield he had for years.
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